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Stuff Dutch People Like

Stuff Dutch People Like
€ 15,95 Incl. BTW
SubtitelA celebration of the Lowlands and its peculiar inhabitants
Auteur(s)Colleen Geske
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Stuff Dutch People Like

Stuff Dutch People like is a study of all things Orange. it investigates and highlights the idiosyncrasies of the Dutch culture and their uncanny ability to talk on a mobile phone, while carrying 2,5 children, 6 bags of groceries, a television set, and a matress balanced on a gear-less bicycle. Stuff Dutch People Like exemplifies,questions,celebrates and pokes fun at a nation of orange-loving, guttural-sounding, element-battling, culturally-bemused folk. All in the nam of fun. "Please do tell when this blog will be bundled up and published in a book, absolute must have"- Lise...... "I am Dutch and I Love you! Hahaha keep up the good work!"- Joyce
Inhoud (1)
1. Bicycles
2. Gezelligheid
3. Hagelslag
4. Directness
5. Battling water
6. Three kisses
7. Orange
8. Not owning curtains
9. Tulips
10. Birthday congratulations
11. Discussing the weather
12. Lekker
13. Scheduling agenda appointments
14. Red  pants
15. Natural birth
16. Zwarte Piet
17. Stroopwafel
18. Bring your own cake
19. Mashing their food (stamppot)
20. Skating (on natural ice)
21. Herring
22. Hair gel
23. Jokes about Germans and Belgians
24. Dairy
25. Going camping
26. Windmills
27. Picking their noses
28. Freit & mayo (french fries)
29. Licorice
30. Forcing drop on unsuspecting foreigners
31. keeping it real
32. Names that sound ridiculous in English
33. Kings day (formerly Queens day)
34. Dat kan niet
35. Impossibly steep stairs
36. Sinterklaas
37. The Birthday Calender
38. Not working / working
39. Cows that say 'boo'
40. Tiny things with only cold water
41. Being tall
42. Swearing with diseases
43. Speaking in expressions
44. White leggings
45. Beschuit met muisjes
46. Suspicious spreads
47. Normalcy: doe normal
48. Delaying marriage
49. Infiltrating English

Stuff Dutch people like 2014 (second edition)
formaat: 20 x 15 x 1.4 cm


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