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Contact! Deel 1 tekstboek + 2 audio-cd's

Contact! Deel 1 tekstboek + 2 audio-cd's
€ 37.50 Incl. BTW
AimLearning Dutch / General
StartlevelAbsolute beginner
CourselevelIntermediate, High
Author(s)Elsbeth de Leeuw
Petra Roël
Annemarie Cornax (all of Radboud University)
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Contact! Deel 1 tekstboek + 2 audio-cd's

Contact! is a tripartite, communicative course for Dutch higher educated foreign speaking adults. The main didactic point of contact! is that both the textbook and the workbook in the curriculum are structured according to the four-stage model of Neuner. The four stages in which language elements should be offered to learn a language to be most effectively. The exercises range from receptive to production and from closed to open. In every part of a chapter, the student goes through the four stages twice.
The grammar exercises are socratic intent. This means that the exercises encourage students to lead themselves certain grammar rules based on examples. It was also decided to offer the grammatical subjects cyclically.

‘CONTACT! in het kort’
• forms the basis for dynamic and instructive lessons where learning to communicate in Dutch is the starting point.
• provideslearners and students interesting and motivating themes in a realistic, communicative context.
• puts communication central but does not lose the acquisition of lexical and grammatical knowledge while sight.
• offers a lot of variety in teaching methods and exercises by which learners and students maintain their interest.
• is compiled based on modern and contemporary insights into language teaching.
• gives learners and students playfully insight into the Dutch culture and society.
• leads to level B2, the level of the State Examination II program pays special attention to the pronounciation of Dutch.
• has both an extensive dictionary lookup as a learning vocabulary with translations in English.
• has an attractive look through the clear structure and vibrant layout.

Contact one leads to level A2 of the Common European Framework and is the first of three parts of a communicative, modern course Dutch for highly skilled, foreign speaking adults.

Composition of the package:
• textbook
• separate dictionary Dutch - English: contains a list of all words per lesson with the translation and an alphabetical list.
• 2 audio CDs with listening material to the textbook.
SubtitleDutch for non-native speakers
Content (1)

Chapter 1 - Where are you today?
Chapter 2 - Shall we make a appointment?
Chapter 3 - Do you do the shopping today?


Chapter 4 - What do you do in one day?
Chapter 5 - Shall we go to the city?
Chapter 6 - How do you look?


Chapter 7 - Do you not feel good?
Chapter 8 - Have you already registered?
Chapter 9 - How was your vacation?

Chapter 10 - Do you have a nice house?
Hoofdstuk11 - Have you heard it?
Chapter 12 - Do you know what you're doing?


List of grammatical terms and examples
Grammar Overview
List of strong and irregular verbs
Bibliographypublisher: Intertaal 2009
2 books met 2 audio-cd's
format: 21 x 29,5 cm
pages tekstbook: 333
pages wordlist: 134
isbn: 9789460301346

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