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Examentraining Inburgering Assessments - OGO&MP

Examentraining Inburgering Assessments - OGO&MP
€ 28.00 Incl. BTW
SubtitleEducation and Health, Social participation
AimCivic integration exam
StartlevelIntermediate (A2)
CourselevelLow, Intermediate, High
Author(s)Marja Merenburgh
Ineke Segers
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Examentraining Inburgering Assessments - OGO&MP

This exercise book helps you to prepare for the practical exam with assessments. The assessments in this book look just like the assessments on the exam.
The book is written in a way that you can work with it  independently. To practice with this book, your language level should be about A2.
The texts in this book are sometimes made ​​slightly above A2 deliberately.
If you can make the assignments well you know you have good chance to pass this exam.
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About the author(s)Marja Merjenburgh and Ineke Segers are self-employed and worked for many years as a teacher NT2 and Integration. They are also examiners Practical Exam Integration. They are co-authors and member of the advisory board of the New Start series of the NCB.

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